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Las Lomas Community Park (LLCP)
10 Federation Way - 949-724-6844

Skyhawks Basketball

Monday-Friday: 9 a.m.-noon
$129 per one-week session

This fun, skill-intensive program is designed for beginning to intermediate players. An active week of passing, shooting, dribbling and rebounding makes this one of our most popular programs. Our basketball staff will also focus on respect, teamwork and responsibility. All participants will receive a t-shirt, basketball and a play evaluation. Inst: Skyhawks. Ages 6-12.  Click here to register.

Leadership & Public Speaking Summer Camps

Monday-Thursday: 1-2:30 p.m. or 2:45-4:15 p.m.
$110 per one-week session

Learn to be a fearless public speaker in a fun week-long summer camp! Gain confidence and voice opinions through hands-on activities while having fun learning how to overcome stage fright. Exercises enhance speech writing and critical thinking skills. More info: leadership@young-ambassadors.org. Inst: Young Ambassadors. Supply fee: $20. Ages 7-9 or 10-14. Click here to register.

Mad Science

Monday-Friday: 9 a.m.-noon
$149 per one-week session+$20 Supply fee
These fun-filled weeks of science promote a love and understanding of science. More info: 949-582-5071 or alicia@madsciencesoc.org. Inst: Mad Science of South Orange County. Click on each title for more information and to register.

Garden of Secrets Preschool Lab
Uncover the secrets of sun, soil and seeds! Examine fruits and plants using a microscope designed for preschoolers! Prior preschool experience required. Ages 3-5.

Little Scientists Preschool Lab
Experience fun, touchy-feely experiments in this week-long lab where we'll meet Mr. Bones, dig for dinosaurs, explore rainbows of light, become astronauts in training, play with ooey-gooey polymers, and much more! Ages 3-5.

Physics Lab
Get hands-on with physics as you engineer giant pyramids, super strong arches and giant skyscrapers made of pasta! More info: 949-582-5071 or alicia@madsciencesoc.org. Inst: Mad Science Staff. Ages 7-12.

Rocketry Lab
Invent, build, launch and take home paper rockets, bottle rockets, chemical reaction rockets and more! Ages 7-12.

Build and keep your very own robot, unlike any others seen at Mad Science before! Learn about the uses of robots in our world. Experiment with sound sensing robots, line-tracking robots, amphibious robots and even soccer playing robots! Ages 7-12

Chemistry Lab
Come inside and see what spectacular solutions the Mad Scientist has been whipping up in this kids summer camp! Experiment with some crazy chemistry, learn about exothermic reactions and create crystals. Ages 5-12.

Junior Tennis Summer Camp with Minako

Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m.-noon
Fees: $120 per one-week session
Have fun with workout drills, games, exercise and more! Learn basic strokes, forehand, backhand, volley, overhead and serve. Includes: T-shirt, prizes, snacks and drinks. Inst: Minako Stickney & Staff. Ages 5-14. Click here to register.

Play Well Tek LEGO® Camps

Students take on real-life engineering challenges athat explore concepts in physics, architecture, mechanical and structural engineering. Not sponsored or endorsed by LEGO®. Inst: Play Well Tek staff.

Design and build LEGO® machines powered by alternative energy sources. Race solar cars, build a wind-powered electrical generation facility and invent a machine powered by stored elastic strain energy. Learn about sustainability and understand the human world while exploring concepts in physics, engineering and architecture. Ages 5-6.

Engineering FUNdamentals
Bring Minecraft to life using LEGO®! Build a motorized walking Creeper, a terrifying Ghast and a motorized Minecart! This project-based camp, designed by Play-Well instructors, combines the basic format of our core engineering-themed programs based on the world of Minecraft. Students will explore real-world concepts in physics, engineering and architecture while building their favorite Minecraft objects. Students will have a blast, even without any prior experience with Minecraft or LEGO®. Ages 7-12. 
Enter the world of Ninjago and become an apprentice Ninjaneer! Learn the way of Spinjitzu, build the Fire Temple, race Skull Trucks and encounter the mighty Dragon! Imagine and build unique and fun projects with the guidance of an experienced Play-Well instructor while exploring the fantasy world of Ninjago. This is an ideal way to prepare young Ninjaneers for the challenge of Ninjaneering Masters with LEGO® camp. Ages 5-6.

Ninjaneering Masters
Master the world of Ninjago by becoming a Ninjaneer! Tame the Ice Dragon, motorize your Blade Cycle, design the Dark Fortress and hone your Spinjitzu battle skills! In this advanced LEGO® camp, Ninjaneering masters will learn real world concepts in physics, engineering and architecture while exploring the fantasy world of Ninjago. Ages 7-12.

Edutainment Arts Theme Camps

Monday-Friday: 9 a.m.-noon or 2-5 p.m.
$165 per one-week session
These themed-week camps take classic crafts, games and activities, and envelop them into a world of fantasy, role playing and fun. More info: edutainmentarts@gmail.com.
Click on each title below to view details and to register.

Hunger Games
Inspired by the Hunger Games series, but without the violence. Send your tributes to compete and see who will survive as the victor of daily competitions. Learn survival skills and team work as you join in the fun of the annual Hunger Camps. Ages 7-12.

Top Dessert Chef
Make different dessert, sweets and other foods your parents don't want you to have too much of. A few healthier items will be offered, but not many. It's time for sugar and spice. Participants develop valuable kitchen skills in a fun and competitive environment with taste testing's for family and friends on last day of camp! Supply fee $15. Ages 7-12.

Wipe Out

A massive obstacle course camp. Choosing from an assortment of materials the kids will use creative thinking skills to design obstacle courses and scavenger hunts. Crafts and puzzles will be used to create more challenges on all levels. Ages 6-12.