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Job Search Tips
Application Process

Whether it is an online application or one you submit directly to the employer, your application must be complete and neat.  Use black or blue ink and take your time to review all questions carefully and truthfully.  Do not skip any areas of the application.  If a question does not apply to you, enter N/A.

 If you are picking up an application or submitting  your application in person, dress professionally and bring a copy of your resume and reference page. 

 It is critical to follow up after submitting an employment application!  Do not wait for the employer to call you.  If you really want the job, make it a point to call or visit the employer within two days of your application submittal.   Again, how you present yourself is critical.  Dress for success, smile and be confident.

Cover Letter
The cover letter is an introduction page describing who you are and summarizing your qualifications, interests and how you heard about the job.What is a Resume?
A resume is a personal data sheet. It's a short summary of important facts about you. Any person who is serious about seeking a job should always have an up-to-date resume.

Interview Tips 
An interview is a time for asking questions, as well as answering them.  Keep in mind; you never have a second chance to make a first impression.  Research the company and position you are applying for.  Show enthusiasm, have a positive attitude and bring your winning smile!
Thank You Note
A thank you note shows your appreciation and gratitude in having an opportunity to meet the interviewer. It also allows you to provide additional information and express your continual interest in the job.
  • Writing a Thank You Note

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