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Thank you for your interest in our Restaurant area. This area is for restaurants to provide samples of culturally diverse food items. 6 inch plates, utensils, and cups are provided for the samples. Each restaurant will supply a minimum of 1500, 6-oz sample servings. There is a $275 booth fee and sample prices are limited to $1 to $3. Each restaurant collects tickets and is reimbursed per ticket. You are required to have a City of Irvine Business License and a current Health Department certificate. Restaurants are required to follow all Health Department requirements. Please fill out the application and the Festival Committee will review your application

Please DO NOT use all capital letters when filling out the application

*Organization/Business Name:
(Business name used for payment, must match W9)
Banner Name or Description:
(Banner text describes activity/ exhibit/ vendor/ performance depending on area)
Irvine Business License #:
Health Permit #:
*Business Mailing Address:
(Note: address will be displayed on website. Event material and checks will be sent to this address. Please notify staff if you require a different mailing address)   
*Alternate/Personal Mailing Address:   
Contact Person
(Authorized to bind organization Contractually)
Courtesy Title:
*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Phone Number:
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Fax Number:
*Email Address:
*Confirm Email Address:
Coordinator First Name:
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Coordinator Phone Number:
Coordinator Email:
*Make Checks Payable to:
(Checks based on number of food tickets. Name must match Tax Id or SSN on W9 form)
Are you bringing a BBQ:
(see guidelines for BBQ's below)
 Yes   No  
Are you bringing any cooking units for open cooking:
(if yes please see Fire Department requirements below and list equipment in Equipment area below)
 Yes   No  
Do you want to rent a BBQ:
($75 fee)
 Yes   No  
Do you want to rent a fryer:
($75 fee)
 Yes   No  
Do you want to rent a warming oven:
($120 fee)
 Yes   No  
List all equipment including watts used:   (note; Wattage max per outlet is 20 Amps.)
*Please provide a description of the ethnic food you provide:

Festival Exemption Requirements

The Festival has applied for an exemption from the Orange County Environmental Health Department.  Through the ticket process, restaurants will receive funds but revenue is limit to covering costs and not making a profit.  Once approved you will be provided with an OC Health Department exemption application which is required to be filled out and returned before participation.

General Information

Booth fee includes, a 10 x 10 canopy, two 8ft tables, two chairs, subfloor, and banner.
Requests for additional tables, chairs, linens, etc are charged per cost of rental. 

One-time event Insurance coverage is provided by the City of Irvine. We encourage all participating businesses to maintain their own Liability Insurance. NOTE: Mobile Food Truck are required to have $1 million General Liability coverage and an endorsement naming the City of Irvine as addtional insured. Please see Mobile Food Truck section below for more details on participation.

All participants are asked to respect each other and the mission of the Festival to promote cultural harmony by utilizing the Open Public Forum for political messages and solicitation.

· A valid OC Health Department permit is required before final approval.

Please submit copy of OC Health Department Permit to:

Irvine Global Village Festival 2014
c/o City of Irvine
Attn: Mya Sanders
P.O. Box 19575
Irvine, CA 92623-9575

Or by email to msanders@cityofirvine.org

  • This application does not guarantee your participation in the event. The City of Irvine retains the right to accept or reject applications based on appropriateness, availability and/or other criteria as deemed necessary. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received.

  • The Festival has food booths in multiple areas including adjacent to the stages, Kids Village, the Sweet Spot and Exhibit area. Applications will be considered in the order in which they are received and if approved, vendors will be placed following the listed criteria – variety, duplication, BBQ requirements, and past festival experience and participation.

· Please provide all display materials for your booth.

· Please provide appropriate staff to set-up, operate, and clean your booth.

· Restaurant will create a menu with pricing for their 6 inch plate sample item(s) being provided the day of the event. Each restaurant will supply a minimum of 1500, 6-oz sample servings. Pricing for samples must be between $1.00 and $3.00, and should be appropriately priced based on the type of food served.

  • Restaurant will collect tasting tickets from attendees and turn in to their Festival Committee contact for reimbursement. Reimbursement checks will be mailed two weeks after the event.

· The Festival will supply paper products and utensils in addition to access to on site kitchen. DO NOT bring Polystyrene/Styrofoam or any other products that are not recycable or compostable.

Mobile Food Truck requirements: Must have all required paperwork of other restaurant vendors and in additon - $1 million General Liability insurance naming the City of Irvine additional insured, a working and expiration dated fire extinguisher on board and vehicle may be inspected the morning of the event by OCFA for fire safety.

In support of a safe and family friendly event, we ask all food vendors to follow safe food service and fire safety practices. Below are some basic requirements and guidelines to support your success.

County of Orange Fire Authority guidelines and requirements

Open flame cooking, frying/oil cooking, and generators will be setup 20 ft away from canopy. Cooking area will be fenced. The Festival will provide and attach Fire extinguishers to canopies for cooking booths.

Cooking with electrical equipment/pans is allowed either in-front or behind canopy, not under canopy. Festival representatives will coordinate set-up of tables, etc. based on equipment use.

Kettle Corn vendors, please provide all details of the type of equipment you are using for cooking for approval by Festival representatives and OCFA.

Chafing dishes are approved for use under canopies and must not be used in or adjacent to combustible material. Warming burners must have or be placed on a metal pan or tray. 

Barbecues and open flame cooking units

Vendors bringing BBQ’s and other open flame cooking units must provide information on units at least ten working days before the event and, once approved, bring unit to the Festival during the Friday setup for final inspection.

Units must be in good working order, no leaks, manufacture approved fittings, and grills clean and free of rust.

Provide and maintain proper clearance around barbecues. Keep items that will burn a safe distance away in all directions.

Use only approved barbecue fluids, following the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations. Once the barbecue has been ignited, never add more fuel to the fire. NEVER USE GASOLINE.

Fire must be extinguished at the end of the event or while not attended. Charcoal briquettes, ashes, and embers should be soaked and disposed of properly including utilization of charcoal disposal containers.

DO NOT dump food waste, charcoal, ashes, embers, etc on to grass or park grounds. Please dispose of properly.

For further information on fire safety please visit the OCFA web site http://www.ocfa.org/

County of Orange Environmental Health – Basic Food safety guidelines and requirements

Wear clean clothing, hats/caps or some type of hair covering.

Wash hands before handling food and at frequent intervals.

If you are ill or have sores on your hands, you should not handle foods.

Cold perishable food requires refrigeration to 45 degrees and hot food at 135 degrees or above. Food thermometers are required for each food booth.

Keep food covered as much as possible and protect from contamination by public and food booth workers.

Wiping Clothes and sanitizer buckets are highly recommended to avoid cross contamination

Click on link for full list of guidelines and requirements. For more information on the County Environmental Health Department go to web site http://www.ocfoodinfo.com/

You will receive a confirmation by email, please retain this information for future reference.

If you have questions related to the restaurant area please contact Morgan Gonzalez at (949) 724-6754 or by email at  mgonzalez@cityofirvine.org   
If you have any questions regarding the application process, please contact Mya Sanders, Event Coordinator, via email at

By submitting an application, the applicant grants permission for the City of Irvine and its designees, licensees or affiliates the rights to, including without limitation, produce, publish, post on website, exhibit, and otherwise make use of photographs and videos of applicant performers, affiliates, volunteers and booth/exhibit contents for any publicity, promotional and other non-commercial purposes of the City of Irvine without compensation, attribution or further consent of the applicant.

The City of Irvine takes your privacy seriously. This form asks you to provide the City with certain personal information. Such information is being requested and will be utilized by the City for the specific and limited purpose of future City correspondence regarding the subject-matter of this form. Pursuant to Measure S, an initiative ordinance passed by City voters in 2008, the personal information, phone number and email, on this form will be kept confidential. Unless you expressly indicate to us otherwise or unless compelled by a court order, it will not be shared with other agencies, businesses or individuals.

*For security purposes please enter the city you were born in.
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