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Patrol Personnel Recognized for Recent Life Saving Actions


During the week of July 15th, Chief Maggard made Lifesaving Award presentations in Bravo 4/10’s and Delta 3/12’s briefings to thank two officers and a sergeant for their quick response and successful rendering of medical aid. The two incidents occurred in May, approximately one week apart.  In both cases, the actions taken by the officers were crucial to the survival of the victims.

On May 16, 2011, Officer Sergio Morales was sent to a medical aid call where a man had already stopped breathing.  He immediately started CPR and was able to sustain circulation for the victim until Orange County Fire Authority Paramedics arrived to provide more advanced lifesaving efforts.  Paramedics on scene commended Officer Morales for his role in saving the man’s life.

On May 25, 2011, Officer Flores and Sergeant Russell responded to a medical aid call where a woman was not breathing. When officers arrived Orange County Fire Authority Dispatchers were giving instructions to a caregiver over the phone to perform CPR.  They quickly assessed the victim and discovered she was not breathing and took over for the caregiver.  Officer Flores and Sergeant Russell began two-person CPR and were able to regain vital signs for a time but had to begin a second time before Paramedics arrived and took over lifesaving efforts. 

Thanks to the efforts of all involved, the woman survived the situation, with the assistance of a ventilator, and was admitted into a Critical Care Unit for recovery.