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Basketball Hoops

Portable basketball hoops left in the public right-of-way create safety problems for motorists and pedestrians.  They create hazards to motorists when left in the street.  They create hazards to pedestrians and our disabled community when left on the sidewalks.  In addition, portable basketball hoops left in the street restrict street sweepers from cleaning the gutter area thoroughly.

The City of Irvine requests that home owners place unattended basketball hoops back onto their property when they are not in use.  By removing basketball hoops from streets and sidewalks, you can ensure that the public right-of-way remains free of obstructions that can cause injury to residents and damage to vehicles.  The street sweeper will also be able to access the gutter area..

If you have any questions, please call Public Works at (949) 724-7600.  (Hours of Operation)    

Bridge Maintenance
Major bridges in the City of Irvine are inspected every two years to ensure that problems are identified early and rectified.  Public Works can then schedule repairs, as necessary, to protect the traveling public.  For information, or to report a problem with any bridge in the City of Irvine, contact the Public Works Department at (949) 724-7600. (Hours of Operation)

Civic Center Building Maintenance and Parking Lot Light Maintenance

To report non-emergency building maintenance and parking lot lighting items at the Civic Center, call (949) 724-6696.   To report emergency or safety requests on a weekend, or after 5 p.m. weekdays, call Public Safety Dispatch at (949) 724-7200.  .

If you are inquiring about having a crosswalk installed, an evaluation needs to be performed by Traffic Engineering staff.  Not all locations are suitable for the installation of a crosswalk.  For more information, contact Jim Lizzi at (949) 724-7355, or at jlizzi@cityofirvine.org  (Hours of Operation)

How do I obtain information on a particular street address?
To obtain information on new or proposed tracts or developments please contact the Community Development Assistance Center (DAC) Counter at (949) 724-6308.  For information on an existing property address, contact our GIS department at (949) 724-6342. 

Light Maintenance (Public Parks, Trails, Bridges, Tunnels & Underpasses)

To report non-emergency lighting or electrical items at City community parks, neighborhood parks, trails, bridges, tunnels and underpasses, call (949) 724-6696..  To report emergency or safety lighting or electrical items on a weekend or after 5 p.m. weekdays, call Public Safety Dispatch at (949) 724-7200.   


Neighborhood Traffic - Signal/Stop Sign Installation

If you are inquiring about having a traffic signal installed, a new traffic signal may already be slated for installation at that location.  If not, an extensive engineering review can be initiated by contacting Jim Lizzi at (949) 724-7355, or jlizzi@cityofirvine.org  (Hours of Operation)

If you would like to have school areas safer for vehicles and pedestrians, this is often addressed by a joint effort between Police Department staff and members of Public Works.  For more information, contact Jim Lizzi at (949) 724-7355, or jlizzi@cityofirvine.org  (Hours of Operation)

Neighborhood Traffic - Signs

If you would like to have a STOP sign installed at a certain intersection, an extensive engineering evaluation needs to be performed prior to implementing STOP control.  A formal evaluation can be initiated by contacting Jim Lizzi at (949) 724-7355, or jlizzi@cityofirvine.org   (Hours of Operation)

If you believe traffic speeds are too fast and would like to have speed limit signs installed or changed on certain street segments, an Engineering & Traffic Survey needs to be performed in accordance with State guidelines.  Citywide evaluations are made each year, and go to City Council for approval.  For more information, contact Jim Lizzi at (949) 724-7355, or jlizzi@cityofirvine.org   (Hours of Operation)

If parking is a problem on a certain street and you would like to have parking signs either removed or added,  if you reside in a private community, a request should be made to your Homeowner's Association Board.  For public streets, parking issues are handled on a case-by-case basis.  For more information contact Jim Lizzi at (949) 724-7355, or jlizzi@cityofirvine.org   (Hours of Operation)

Neighborhood Traffic - Striping
If lane lines, arrows or pavement wording is faded on a certain street and needs to be repainted and you reside in a private community, a request should be made to your Homeowners Association Board.  For public streets, contact Jim Lizzi at (949) 724-7355,  or jlizzi@cityofirvine.org  (Hours of Operation)

Parking Variances
If you are requesting
a parking variance for less than seven days, contact the Irvine Police Department at (949) 724-7037.   If you require a parking variance for seven days or longer, a Parking Variance Request Form can be obtained by contacting Armando Rutledge at (949) 724-7336, or arutledge@cityofirvine.org  (Hours of Operation)

Red Curb Request
If you are requesting a a red curb to be installed and if you reside in a private community, you should contact your Homeowners Association Board.  For public streets, contact Armando Rutledge at (949) 724-7336, or arutledge@cityofirvine.org
  (Hours of Operation)

Road Construction Projects

For a list of current projects and contacts for road construction presently taking place within the City of Irvine, visit the Project Management division within public works department. (Road Construction projects)  For immediate assistance, call (949) 724-7511. Once again that number is (949) 724-7511


Sidewalk Maintenance
The City of Irvine Public Works Department constructs, maintains and repairs sidewalks, curbs, gutters and access ramps in the public right-of-way adjacent to residential and arterial roads.  For more information, or to report a sidewalk, curb, gutter or access ramp in need of repair, contact Public Works at (949) 724-7600. (Hours of Operation)

Slurry Seal
For the latest information regarding our slurry seal program, visit the City's website, go to the Public Works webpage and select "Slurry Seal Schedule."  For immediate assistance, call Public Works at (949) 724-7600. Once again, the number is: (949) 724-7600.
  (Hours of Operation)

Storm Drains and Drainage Ditches
The City of Irvine is responsible for installing and maintaining storm drains and drainage facilities within the Public Works Street Division public right-of-way. Storm drains and ditches divert the water after a storm or shower away from road surfaces, public access areas, or low basins where water collection could be unhealthy and dangerous. Water instead flows into drains and ditches where it can be safely channeled.  The system consists of inlets, catch basins, open county storm channels, ditches, underground pipelines, and detention ponds. The division routinely inspects and cleans to remove any obstacles obstructing the flow of water and makes structural improvements to insure that the system is efficiently and reasonably handling water flow. Citizens are reminded to never dispose of leaves, grass clippings, or trash into the drainage system or in a location, such as a roadway, where debris could be swept into the system by storm water. For more information, or to report a storm drain or ditch that is backed up or flooding, contact Public Works at (949) 724-7600.  (Hours of Operation)

Street Abandonment

Public Streets may be abandoned or vacated if they are no longer useful to the public, and City Council finds that your project meets the requirements set forth in California Streets and Highways Code Section 8330.  If your project requires a street or public utility easement to be abandoned, you must complete an application with the Public Works Department and submit it with the application fee.  (Click here for requirements) The City will either approve the application or provide you with comments within fifteen working days of receipt of the application.  Upon completion of the review process, the City Council will be asked to approve a resolution of abandonment and the City will have it recorded and return a copy of the recorded document to you.  For more information, please contact Tim Kirkham, at (949) 724-6422, or tkirkham@cityofirvine.org   (Hours of Operation)

Street Lights
Most street lights in the City of Irvine are owned and maintained by Southern California Edison. For inquiries related to the main street lights, contact Southern California Edison at 1-800-611-1911. Those attached to the traffic signals poles or located on city bridges are owned and maintained by the City. If you have any questions regarding these lights, call the City of Irvine Public Works Department at (949) 724-7600. 
(Hours of Operation)

Street Maintenance and Repairs
The City of Irvine makes every effort to respond immediately to all repair and maintenance concerns on City roads, but they can always use your help. If you notice City roadways or sidewalks with dangerous cracks or holes, roadways with debris, rights-of-way that are encroached by bushes, trees, or other obstructions, or malfunctioning or broken traffic signals and signs, contact the department to report the problem. When you call, be prepared with the location and type of maintenance problem as well as your name and phone number so that the department can contact you for additional information. Leave these details in a message if a person is unable to answer the phone when you call. For more information, or to report a maintenance or repair need, contact Public Works at (949) 724-7600 (Hours of Operation) or fill out the Resident Report Form.

Street Sweeping

If you have any questions regarding the City of Irvine Sweeping Program, call Public Works Maintenance at (949) 724-7600 or Joe Dillman, Street Maintenance Superintendent at (949) 724-7696 or visit the City's website to view and print out a copy of the street sweeping schedule. 
The City of Irvine Sweeping Program provides service for arterial, residential and industrial area roadways. Arterial roadways are swept twice-monhtly, between the hours of 3:30 a.m. and 7 a.m., Tuesday through Friday. Residential roadways are swept twice-monthly, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 2 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. The Irvine Business Complex and the Irvine Industrial Complex East is also swept twice-monthly, between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., Monday through Friday.

Surveying Information

The City's Development Engineering Division, in the Public Works Department, provides survey monument information for City of Irvine street improvement projects.  This information is available at City Hall, which is located at One Civic Center Plaza, Irvine.   For assistance, you may contact Andew Pham at (949) 724-7309, or apham@cityofirvine.org  (Hours of Operation)


Survey services do not include work for individual citizens, such as locating property corners and boundary lines or resolving boundary disputes between private landowners.  Citizens requiring these types of services should contact a qualified, private surveying company. 

For benchmark information, please contact the County of Orange Public Works at (714) 834-2300.

Traffic Signal Coordination

Traffic Signal Coordination occurs when a group of two or more traffic signals are working together so that cars moving through the group will make the least number of stops possible. Each traffic signal is set up with a fixed amount of time, also known as a cycle, which is divided among all the directions.  By having all signals in a group running the same cycle, it then becomes possible to "line up" the green lights for one direction.  The way the green lights "line up" depends on the distance between traffic signals and the speed of the traffic. 


Unfortunately, even when traffic signals are coordinated, you will still have to stop at red lights.    In order to operate traffic signals safely, several things must be considered, such as traffic movements, pedestrian crossing, cross traffic, and left turn signals.   For more information, please contact the Irvine Traffic Research and Control Center (ITRAC) at (949) 724-7324. once again, that number is (949) 724-7324.


Many major arterials in Irvine are coordinated, however, where these arterials intersect, Irvine Engineers need to balance the amount of green time in accordance with the nature of traffic flow during peak hours

Tree Pruning

Trees are a wonderful way to beautify the environment and provide shade, but they must be maintained to insure the safety of citizens. That is why the City of Irvine operates on a regular pruning rotation of all its trees in parks and along public roads.  Trees are pruned in a way that does not deter growth, but which removes branches and limbs that pose a threat to public safety, either because limbs hang above the road surface or foliage interferes with traffic signs or overhead utilities.  For more information, or to make a service request, contact the Public Works Landscape Division Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. by calling (949) 724-7600. 


Underground Utility Facilities (Identification and Digging)

Underground Utility Facilities' Identification

If you plan to excavate within the public right-of-way, contact Underground Service Alert  (USA) of Southern California prior to this excavation.  USA can be reached at 1-800-227-2600, or www.digalert.org .   USA will identify existing utilities within your specified construction area.


Underground Utility Facilities' Digging

Call 48 hours before you dig: fiber optic cables, power lines, gas mains, traffic signal conduits, water, sewer, electrical, telephone, etc.  Contact “Underground Service Alert of Southern California” (DigAlert) at 1-800-227-2600 or by email at  www.digalert.org


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