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Irvine Police Host Female Officers From Tajikistan


On Friday, the Irvine Police Department hosted a group of female officers visiting from Tajikistan.  Female police officers in Tajikistan have been traditionally assigned to administrative duties only, very similar to the beginnings for women in law enforcement in the United States. Tajikistan is moving toward increasing the range of responsibilities for female police officers including the investigation of crimes against women and children and field patrol, a progression that mirrors the evolution of female police officers in America.  The group came to the Irvine Police Department and was treated to a tour of the Department and a presentation of its organizational structure.  Next, they were shown a demonstration by Officer Peasley on Bicycle Patrol, a skill the women are being encouraged to master in their home country.  Officer Sumner demonstrated a police motor and discussed the training required to become a motor officer and a canine handler. Detective Hurtado and CSP Victim Advocate Zabinski conducted a presentation on crime against persons including an overview of the criminal justice system and the evolution of domestic violence investigation.  The group started its visit last week, attending the Women Leaders in Law Enforcement Conference in San Jose.  

They remained in Northern California to visit two bay area agencies before traveling south to Irvine for three additional days. After their visit to the Irvine Police Department, they toured the Orange County Sheriff’s, Cypress, Fullerton and Seal Beach Police Departments and spent half a day at the Goldenwest Academy. Also assisting with the visit were Deputy Chief Hamel, Lieutenant Engen, Sergeants Scherer, Quiroz and August, and Sr. PSAs Rahn and Everest.